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George Floyd death: protest marches occupy world capitals

Demonstrators occupy the white house

The gatherings by large crowds in cities across united States for the 11th straight day, on Saturday morning, to demand an end to racism and police brutality soon engulfed cities of London, Germany, Mexico and many others across the world.

Scores of demonstrators who converged in Parliament square earlier crossed the Vauxhall bridge and milled outside the U S embassy in London later in the day.

Similar rallies took place in Germany where swarms of demonstrators besieged Alexander plats in Berlin, and other cities of Düsseldorf, Nuremberg and Cologne with banners in which “Black Lives Matter” and “No justice, no peace” were painted in letters.

As agitation turned violent, security forcibly broke the rally in Hamburg blaming “hooded and aggressive people”.

Similar scenes replicated in Mexico city where masked men and women marching along one of the main avenues clashed with police, setting fire to vehicles and attacked a host of buildings, including a branch of American bank Citicorp Inc.

Mexican protesters demanded justice for Giovanni Lopez, a construction worker who, last month, was reportedly beaten to death in police custody over his failure to put on a face mask.

Mexican state authorities had earlier arrested three activists in a bid to prevent the protest during which a police officer was set ablaze (but survived) and buildings vandalised in Guadalajara

Demonstrators burn a police vehicle in Guadalajara

Scores of Brazilians also thronged out in the coastal city of Racife, where the death of a five – year – old boy under the care of a white woman further fuelled social unrest.

A judicial twist was added to the Floyd death – inspired anti racism protests in Australia. A higher court’s last minutes overturn of the no protest verdict of a lower court on Friday, citing probable contravention of social distancing rules gave an impetus for organizers. The upturn gave activists in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other cities the right to stage rallies.

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