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Biden Inauguration: Washington Monument Closed Over Threats of Disruption

Photo:: Getty Images/ Trump supporters surrounding Washington monument

The American National Park Service has announced the closure of the Washington Monument from Monday January 11 through 24.

The move is a fallout from the Wednesday January 6 attacks on the Capitol by a pro – Trump  mob.

Photo: Getty Images capture of pro – Trump mob engaging cops during Capitol invasion

The closure is also a testimony to Americans anticipation of violence and threats to visitors and park resources, as well as disruption of President-elect Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20.

Photo: Getty Images Donald Trump

Americans may not even have access to the premises of the monument as the service hinted to “institute temporary closures of public access to roadways, parking areas and restrooms within the National Mall and Memorial Parks if conditions warrant.”
Attacks on the US Capitol dominated headlines last week. The US media also reported violent incidents in other parts of the country. That has prompted the order to beef up security across state houses by federal law enforcement agencies.
FBI directives on intensive security, from 16 to 20 January, was indicated not just for the states capitals but also proactively meant to secure Washington DC at least 72 hours to the inauguration.