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V-Day And a Deserved Sigh of Relief

The science and economics of COVID-19 vaccines

No other display of liberty may, possibly, surpass this on – going euphoria. And as the ecstasy echoes a worldwide jubilation over the conquest of a blaze of fear which Covid – 19 signifies; the world heaves a sigh of relief and commences a worthy celebration of a liberation which it had earlier contrived as an impossibility. And at last, Britons have finally blazed the trail of the most sought-after remedy. Or whatsoever Covid 19 has meant to you. Whatever the fear of that serial scourge means to you.

 In so many ways, the flare of coronavirus stalks out in loads of scary tales of morbid curiosity around humanity vulnerability to ruins of nature and their perceptive savagery. Yet the most debilitating scourge of our time – coronavirus may just vanish soon into oblivion just in the same manner it innocuously sneaked into global reckoning months ago, after making inexorable combats in the Chinese Province of Wuhan, where it sprung up towards the close of 2019.

The twist of fate for both human and the burg emerged just a couple of days ago. However, Tuesday, December 8, 2020 soon became a high point on the British almanac, after the country’s health regulators soared ahead of their American equals to approve a coronavirus serum, making Britain the first country in the world to do so. AS the UK government took delivery of the first batch of 800,000 doses from the Belgium manufacturing plant, the country started to envision, through the, Health Secretary Matt Hancock, to  look back (on the date) as a key moment in (the) fight against this terrible disease”.

And that effluent optimism effectively created upsets in Washington, just as it also ignited a spree of forceful argument, globally,  around fears that Boris Johnson and his lieutenants in 10 Downing street, Westminster, London, had sped rather too perilously via the endorsement of a jab; or that the outright nonchalance of the Donald Trump and his wayfarers meant that Americans were abusing  valuable time as the Covid – 19 bug mowed down over 1,500 Americans daily.

“Today is a great day for medical science, and the future,” Chris Whitey, Britain’s chief medical officer, said today with an unmistakable touch of excitement. “We will look back on today, V-Day, as a key moment in our fight back against this terrible disease, and I am proud our health services across the United Kingdom are about to embark on our largest ever vaccination programme,” added Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

This optimistic fervor hinges on the vaccine developed by Pfizer/BioNTech which has been distributed throughout the UK. But the first to receive the most valuable shot of the clinically authorized, fully tested serum, was a former jewelry shop assistant, Margaret Keenan, 90, instantly became

pool photo by Jacob King

international celebrity and the model of the British resolve to break the jinx of coronavirus anathema, and advance a worldwide end to the swirls of the pandemic – spurned pogrom which ticks dangerously towards 2 billion global victims.

The government understandably prioritizes those over 80, care home staff, and front line National Health Service workers.

That very first shot opened a mass vaccination campaign and a remarkable feat with little precedent in modern medicine; while Britons enviably became the first people in the world to receive a clinically authorized and fully verified vaccine, which gave to mankind the hope of liberation from the dungeon of Covid – 19 pandemics.

“I feel so privileged to be the first person vaccinated against Covid-19,” said Ms. Keenan, who lives in Coventry, in central England. “It means I can finally look forward to spending time with my family and friends in the new year after being on my own for most of the year.”

A similar outburst was shared by Hari and Ranjan Shukla from Newcastle, a couple who have barely left home since the calamitous debut of the pandemic. Hari exclaimed: “I feel it’s good I’ve got the opportunity of doing that. I’m not nervous, I’m looking forward to it.”

Appreciatively, “the deployment of this vaccine marks a decisive turning point in the battle with the pandemic”, remarked the head of the NHS, Sir Simon Stevens.

The British effort set a precedence, and ushered in a spate of transformation in the global perspectives of combating the health casus belli. That supplied the inspiration for conversion of a Swiss nightclub, which has been closed for 10 months due to coronavirus restrictions, into a temporary blood donation center, ordering new life to the multi-floor warehouse which resuscitated from its erstwhile ghost dwelling. After the managers of the fun center resolved to “organize any activity that was possible,” the Chandeliers that used to light up the dance floor for thousands of party-goers at the MAD nightclub in the student town of Lausanne now illumine the way for nurses. “It was almost heartbreaking to see a (sprawling) place like this which has existed for almost 35 years lying (waste and) asleep for so long,” said manager Igor Blaska.

The mood of humanity on this renewed battle against the pandemic is captured in these outburst by Anthony Moore, 82, who was among the first of beneficiaries in the city of Sheffield to get the jab along with his wife: “like winning the pools… knowing that by maybe May time, we might be back to normal.”

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